There are numerous engineering service suppliers on the market. 
However, we are different because:

We are technical experts with a passion for engineering

Our staff members are very passionate engineers, technicians and technical experts and can deal with any complex, technical project and task they are faced with. Our success is not only based on the qualifications and knowhow of each employee, we also have a positive, constructive and cooperative working relationship amongst each other and with our customers. Social skills and competences, security due to a long-standing employee loyalty, as well as flexible management structures are not only milestones to us, but a living reality. Reliability for our clients and customers has the highest priority to us since we do not only share the passion for engineering and technology.

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You can contact us directly via the e-mail address, given in the PDF description or by clicking the ”Apply” button. You can attach information about your professional qualification, project experience, and certificates as PDF files. All the data trasmitted will be treated confidentially and in line with data protection regulations.

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